Corporate Videos

Every single one of our videos are carefully crafted to tell the best story they can. Whether you’re in a campaign, highlighting an event, or have a concert to show off, we’ll make sure that we’re ready for whatever challenges come up. Each project has its own challenges, so we’ll discuss how many people we need and what will be required to pull off the best video possible.

Over the past few years we’ve touched thousands of people with our videos, and we aren’t stopping any time soon. Teamwork is essential to making this happen, so we’re always keeping an eye out for new talent that can help us make amazing content whenever possible.

Wedding Films

The main feature of this package is our 2-5 minute Wedding Highlight. It is carefully crafted from an entire day of coverage captured by two videographers, laced with letters, vows during the ceremony, and speeches at the reception. It is the absolute best way to share your wedding with friends and family. After the wedding we will mail you a hard drive containing the Highlight, all of our raw, unedited footage (which usually contains some extra fun clips we may have not used), along with a full edit of the Ceremony.

Some weddings on this portfolio page were made in collaboration with other studios and videographers. Disclaimers will appear if DannyVFilms was not the primary videographer or editor, as we do not want to claim the work of others as our own. Stills in articles were shots by DannyVFilms to highlight our contribution.

Personal Projects

We’ve worked on a lot of interesting things over the years. Some for companies, and some just for ourselves. But the important thing is we’re trying new and exciting things to test our skills and see how far we can push the boundaries of video. Below are some of the experiments, films, documentaries and more we’ve played around with over the years.

Check out our gear!

We’ve got a list of most everything we use on our productions over on Kit.com if you’re ever curious.

If you’re looking to buy equipment for your own needs and are curious what you should look at, I can whip up a kit for you once we talk about what need.