Full Day Wedding Highlight - $1,400

We’ve revamped our Wedding Highlight to make it the best it can possibly be for 2019. Now including a Second Shooter to film the Groom getting ready, reading letters, capturing even more angles at the Ceremony, and setting up lights at the Reception for stunning speeches and dances, the Highlights we make are going to blow our current portfolio out of the water.

What’s included?

The main feature of this package is our 2-5 minute Wedding Highlight. It is carefully crafted from an entire day of coverage captured by two videographers, laced with letters, vows during the ceremony, and speeches at the reception. It is the absolute best way to share your wedding with friends and family. After the wedding we will mail you a hard drive containing the Highlight, all of our raw, unedited footage (which usually contains some extra fun clips we may have not used), along with a full edit of the Ceremony.

NEW - Ceremony and Reception - $800

What’s included?

We came up with something new for 2019 since we want to provide the best value possible to all ranges of couples that book with us. This package includes a full edit of the Ceremony, the grand entrance at the Reception, speeches by the Best Man and Maid of Honor, other events like cake cutting and bouquet tosses, and a small montage of the dances cut against some of the footage we film during the photo sessions. All of this will be mailed on a hard drive in one longform video ranging up to an hour, along with the raw, unedited footage from the day. We also include an assistant to make sure the lighting is spot on at the reception.

Ceremony Only - $400

Sometimes just the basics are needed, and we’re more than happy to help there too. One videographer will arrive to mic the groom before the ceremony, then film the event with two cameras capturing as much as possible. This will be edited into one long-form video, and sent digitally to the Bride and Groom through an unlisted link. The ceremony can be made public upon request.

Interviews - $200

Sometimes your bridal party has some awesome stuff to share while you're getting ready. Our second shooter will have some questions about the Bride and Groom for the bridal party, and sometimes other relatives like the parents or grandparents, or just any special wishes your reception guests might have. Not available with Ceremony Only.

Check out our gear!

We’ve got a list of most everything we use on our productions over on Kit.com if you’re ever curious.

If you’re looking to buy equipment for your own needs and are curious what you should look at, I can whip up a kit for you once we talk about what need.