3D Modeling: Chess Set

I had the opportunity to take a weekend course in 3D printing, which naturally came with some basic training in 3D modeling. For an easy start and some flexible tools to play around with, our teacher set us up with Tinkercad by Autodesk.

After we played around with some initial designs with some pre-made letters, our final project was to design a single chess piece to be printed. I uh…was on a roll and made a whole set. One day I want to polish the designs and have them printed, and I think there would be some fun time-lapse video to go along with it.

The other fun thing about the class was learning how to share 3D models in an interactive format, just like this big viewer here. You can click, zoom, and even look at the other chess set sitting across from these pieces. It’s nice to say I’ve evolved from making a cube in Blender after a few years.

Daniel von Seckendorff