Experimental: TV Intervention

FOOTAGE BY DannyVFilms - Assistant Editor to Caylin Thompson

This clip uses a segment of broadcast TV to illustrate how hackers distribute their content on TV

Assisting Caylin Thompson in FTVP 3100: Experimental Film and Video, we worked together to try and tackle the following assignment.

Create four 30-second television “interventions,” designed to give TV viewers a surprise, non-commercial experience of the medium. Do not use TV or recorded music source material.

We wanted to try and imagine a world where an elite group of hackers have taken over all of the airwaves. They control every screen. For now, these hacktivists don’t wield their power greatly. Instead, they occasionally remind the people they control that everything could change whenever they desire. These are the reminders of the always present, always watching, computer overlords. Kind of creepy when you think about the fact that Santa is supposed to be the one that knows when you’re sleeping or awake. Really starts to make you wonder…

The style of video used was inspired by the distorted, glitchy game design of Watch_Dogs. The aesthetic was a perfect match. There was even a free font that worked perfectly for the art style. Combine that with some visual distortions for Final Cut Pro X and some assorted free glitch sound effects, we put together something really interesting. The fun part was this was Caylin’s first time using Final Cut, and I think I instantly converted her from Premiere.

Daniel von Seckendorff