Blocks Smartwatch Unboxing



BLOCKS Core combines advanced smartwatch technology with elegant watch design. Its stainless steel casing provides ultimate durability and houses a stunning AMOLED display, for a truly future-proof device. Wear it your way with any compatible watch strap or with a selection of BLOCKS modules; engineered to empower, BLOCKS is the ultimate sidekick.


Seth and I met in college and have quickly become video partners whenever we can. He’s worked with me on weddings, i’ve worked on his films, and together we make a very strange but effective combination. This project was one in a line of several that I can look back and say “This aged very well.” That’s always something to be proud of with older projects for me.


I love being able to help a friend out on a project, especially when it comes to tech. Seth and I are always trying to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to new tech. We both are inspired by tech YouTubers like MKBHD and Jonathan Morrison, so it’s a fun exercise to try to create a tech video that tries to bat on a level mildly close to that. We keep improving, and it’s a great feeling with each new video.

Daniel von Seckendorff