Educational: Webster University Global Citizenship Program


Every year Webster University holds a 2-part meeting called Delegate’s Agenda. The purpose is to gather data from student surveys and present the greatest problems of the year to the faculty and staff. Following the presentations, committees are created, each tasked with one of the main presentations from the first meeting. At the second presentation during the following semester, each committee will present their strategies and solutions to the issue they were assigned.

Webster University’s version of a general education program is known as the Global Citizenship Program, or GCP. The structure of the program is slightly different from a typical 4-year university, and many students found it confusing. As a pitch for more videos meant to educate students about how programs at Webster work, this video was created to explain the GCP, while also setting a real expectation of what future videos of this type could look like.

This was the first production i’ve ever done on a green screen, but it definitely helped nail the look we were going for. I’m not a VFX guy. I used to know my way around After Effects, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to create what we needed, especially within the timeframe required. was extremely fast and already put together, so it sped up production immensely.