UUUUFL Ultimate Frisbee Highlights

Shot and Edited by DannyVFilms


Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.42.38 PM.png

Sweaty But Fun

UUUUFL was a really fun way for me to meet different people on campus, and push myself physically as well. Everyone there was so welcoming, especially when I’m running around like a crazy man with a phone filming people.

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Oldie but a goodie

These videos don’t age entirely well from a resolution standpoint. Even pulling stills from them was tricky, but I do enjoy looking back at old projects from time to time. Learning from past projects always helps with the new ones.

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Ready for more

I’m always on the hunt for the next big project, and I keep surprising myself with how I have examples from my past of what those new videos could look like. If you’re looking for sports coverage, I’m more than happy to give you my best!

Daniel von Seckendorff