Personal Projects


I haven’t been doing videography anywhere near as long as some people, but I have been doing it long enough to actually forget some of the things I’ve worked on. Whether it be helping someone record a family recital or assist on a student film, I’ve tried to keep my work as diversified as possible so I can be ready for anything.

Below is a collection of work that I’ve volunteered on in some capacity. It may be behind the scenes work or a major roll in the project, but these were projects where my time and equipment were volunteered to help make something amazing. There’s some pretty fun stuff in here, with no real theme to any of it. I tried to work on as many different things as I could, and as I keep building this page I hope it shows even more.

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If you’re looking to buy equipment for your own needs and are curious what you should look at, I can whip up a kit for you once we talk about what need.