Jackson Howard: Music Video BTS

I was given a chance to help out on the set of a music video for a local artist: Jackson Howard. It was a great experience to see what a real film set looked like, along with helping with a shooting style I had never done before.

At the same time I was being a grip for the music video, I was a DP for a documentary that included aspects of this shoot, so I was able to film some BTS for the music video that will publish soon (if not already).

One of the things I loved about filming the Behind the Scenes was capturing different angles for the same action, something I haven't been able to do since my short film Rescue, where I filmed a repeated drill and cut between takes.

I mentioned filming for a documentary along with being a grip. As I was looking for the original music video (link coming soon) I found the final cut of the documentary I was filming for. How fun!