Mark Mantovani: Democratic Candidate for St. Louis County Executive

Shot and Edited by Enlighten Video

First Promotional Video

The first video I was brought in to help with was for Kelly O’Neil at KAOH Media. Mark Mantovani was giving a speech after several endorsements for his campaign, and I was hired to cover the speeches and film some endorsements after the fact. These were edited to gather and delivered to the campaign for their social media marketing of Mark’s race.

Take Five with Mark

After the event the campaign reached out to create a few more videos. They had a few messages that they wanted to release weekly leading up to the day of voting, so I brought some help and we filmed four videos in a day. For the title cards I was able to modify a graphic package that was used in a previous series to maintain consistency with the visuals.

Realtors Endorsement

The last job we were able to do for the campaign before voting time came around was to film a conversation between Mark and a Realtor group that was endorsing his campaign. This video was sent via email to members of the group rather than publicly, so a public link is not available at the time of writing.