Geo-Resolution Conference 2019


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What is geo-resolution?

“The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and Saint Louis University are co-sponsoring a new geospatial conference in St. Louis to bring together the government, academic and industry partners who are growing the Geospatial Ecosystem in the greater St. Louis region.“

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pressing the important button

Along with the camera setup by Ironman Sound, all of the sessions at the conference were streamed live on SLU’s website. Vidzu Media brought me in to learn the Livestream Studio workflow, and handle some aspects of camera switching, external media playback, and graphics inserts.

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We do it all

We love any chance to learn new things from a project, whether that’s everything Geo-Resolution had on stage, or making sure we know exactly how to push a livestream out and where we can show it. Every project is an exciting test of our abilities, and we love seeing the final project come together.