Training Video BTS

We have to be flexible in this industry, so not all of the work I do is as a cameraman. The problem with that is I love being behind the camera creating interesting content, so sometimes I do it anyway. I was hired onto a crew as a grip to help with a shoot for some training videos, and I decided to shoot some behind the scenes to post. 

They loved it so much they hired me as a BTS shooter for the rest of the videos.


I call this one a "proof of concept" because at the time I wasn't technically a behind the scenes shooter, I was a grip. Because of that I was just getting what I could and trying to have fun with it. After this one was published, I started counting when we moved to the new location.

This one was shot in a conference room in a hotel (it was what we could get at the time). I had never tried it before, and it was interesting. We learned a lot about sound we couldn't control, or ceiling height as we set up the wall. From here we moved to a much bigger studio for the rest of the production.


Once we moved to the studio for the rest of our shoots, the production value of everything skyrocketed. The space was bigger, we had more options for dialing in light, and I was able to just focus on shooting a single video instead of working on the production with them. 

It did take a while to figure out the "look" for these videos. White balance was terrible to fix.


It took some time to get used to the studio, but by the second day in there I was really starting to get comfortable with the space. The intro alone shows that I'm learning a lot about this style of editing.

I also wanted to flesh out some of the characters (crew) a little more, and I think I started to get that feeling. You're starting sense the dynamic of how things flow. It's also fun to try and add a sense of humor to these videos.


This day had a slightly different feel to it. I wanted to interview the producer and find out more about the project, and really introduce the crew. It felt like it was about time to let you know who everyone really was.

Along with that, I played around with my sense of humor a little more in editing. At this point, we're into a pretty solid groove.


The last day we had in the studio I wanted to show a little more of what production is like outside of the studio. We had a great cast to hang out with, and some of the crew sits outside the studio while the crew films.

I have too many favorite parts to really choose from, but I do think the credits were really funny at the end.