Corporate Pricing

Every project is different, so we want to make sure you understand exactly what it will take to make your video come to life. To best get a sense of the cost of a project, we always discuss the project in detail to cover all of the bases. From there, we’ll come up with the right price for you based on how many people we need to execute your vision properly. All pricing subject to change, and may require additional crew members in positions not listed on this page.

Corporate Pricing pt2.png
Corporate Pricing.png

Any additions to the crew, or adjustments based on equipment needs will be discussed well in advance of the first day of production. We pride ourselves on clear communication, quality crew members, and a detailed attention to aspects of production. Sometimes a client may not know exactly what they need to make their video, but we make all of that quick and easy.

Drafts of the editing process will be scheduled during the planning phase, and will be available on Frame.IO for fast and easy timecode-based commenting and review. A final copy will also be viewable on Frame.IO. Downloads of the final copy will become available upon receipt of the remaining balance.

Check out our gear!

We’ve got a list of most everything we use on our productions over on if you’re ever curious.

If you’re looking to buy equipment for your own needs and are curious what you should look at, I can whip up a kit for you once we talk about what need.